Success Stories


A Woman Who Succeeded Through Sheer Perseverance

Weherayaya is a village situated in Wellawaya consisting of peasant agricultural families. Chandani Deepika and her husband Wipulasena and their three sons are members of this community.


Agriculture is their main occupation. The family lived in a hand to mouth existence as their cultivation depended mainly on rainfed irrigation. During the time of severe drought, the entire community, very often had to sought State relief for their day to day existence...


Nayana Malkanthi Kumari of SEPALIKA

Community Base Organization

When Nayana came in contact with Arthavida Intermediary Ltd, she had been borrowing money from 5 other lending institutions. She had been repaying her loans on a weekly basis and was very unhappy of the high rate of interests she had to pay.


She came in to contact with the Arthavida Intermediary Ltd and through her local C.B.O she applied for a loan of Rs.15,000/-. She used this money to improve her self employment in sewing female readymade garments...